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Vacancy details

A rare opportunity for a physiotherapist to work at one of the UK’s leading private clinics, a fantastic working environment in a grade II listed building, with a friendly and motivated team and a high level of technical support. The role offers the job satisfaction of being able to use all the practical MSK skills with which you were trained, plus an exceptional ongoing professional growth opportunity to learn new skills from our in house world-class knowledge base.

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a keen desire to work hands-on, be a strong team player and show an ability to think outside the box.  The clinic places equal importance on prevention as well as acute injury treatment. Our preventative, wellness program makes use of an in house developed and published health model.


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We are absolutely delighted to announce Clinical Director, Nicky Snazell’s long awaited third book ‘The Body’ is now available to buy on Amazon. This is the second book from Nicky’s trilogy ‘The Human Garage’.


The Body Book

Nicky says:

“My Human Garage, Volume 2, The Body, discusses all the hard work researchers put into creating the latest technology which combines and enhances the healing achievable through scared and ancient hands on techniques.My book embraces a utopia of pioneering physiotherapy and technology.

Within the covers is the analogy of a garage and how medics and therapist can lean more towards mechanics or healers.

There are 6 chapters, the first discussing my own learnings with my physical body getting damaged.Chapter 2 embraces the nuts and bolts of the body. Chapter 3 and 4 stories of patients and descriptions of treatment modality.The 5th is all about healthy eating and the 6th antiaging, healthy exercising.

The large appendix covers a deeper explanation of technology and a symptom sorter of musculoskeletal ailments.The bibliography details all the science I studied to write this book.

My driving purpose for this book is to share 30 years of study and clinical practice with fully integrated alternative and western medical /physiotherapy treatments.

I have experience of over 10,000 patient cases, and the knowledge of runing my own healthcare clinics what works and doesn’t work. At a time when there is still a strong political drive to move away from hands on treatment, and still embrace pain meds my type of clinic may soon be extinct.

My dream for this series of books is for all this wisdom to be there for everyone, and if possible in the NHS.I wish is for everyone to be empowered with the knowledge of how to avoid unneccessary suffering and illness. After all healthy, fit bodies need fewer pit stops and therefore receive a smaller bill at their health checks/MOT’s.Your greatest wealth is your health.

If you believe in my cause I ask that you pass this knowledge on.”

Follow the link and order your copy of ‘The Body’ today

The Body Book


‘The Body’ Nicky’s second instalment of her fantastic ‘Human Garage’ Trilogy is days away from release!


To celebrate we are offering an amazing 45% off any Magnetic Resonance Treatment. If you or someone you know needs help with Osteoarthritis, Bone Problems, Sports Injuries or Spinal Disc issues.


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Excellence in Service Award

The Pain Relief Clinic is pleased to announce Consultant Physiotherapist, Nicky Snazell, has won a top award and national recognition for ‘Excellence in Patient Service’ at a Gala Dinner, held by The Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists, (AACP). The prestigious awards dinner was held on Friday 13th May at the Hilton Hotel in Coventry as part of the AACP Annual Conference. The awards were held to recognise individuals who were honoured for their achievements and the contributions they have made.

Nicky Snazell, Clinical Director of The Pain Relief Clinics was honoured at The AACP Awards evening. Nicky was selected from more than 6000 physiotherapists in both NHS and private practice from across the UK to win the first ever ‘Excellence in Patient Service’ Award. Nicky was recognised for her incredible achievements and for making a significant contribution to the practice of acupuncture having successfully treated thousands of patients throughout her career spanning nearly thirty years.

The AACP celebrated Nicky’s patient-focused approach, holistic understanding and treatment of patients and excellence in practice. Nicky was said to be an inspirational leader in her field and having made a significant contribution to the practice of acupuncture in the UK. Collecting the award Nicky said, 

“Winning this award inspires me to continue my work driving holistic physiotherapy practice forward.  I believe it is every health practitioner’s duty to study and share with enthusiasm the secrets of good health. We should work in the wellness industry with preventative health advice and not just the illness industry”

Nicky’s drive to learn and discover better methods to treat pain was ignited by her frustration as a child watching her mother suffer years of terrible back pain. Despite Nicky’s mother seeing numerous professionals nothing ever really helped.

A qualified biologist, physiotherapist, spinal pain specialist and author; Nicky’s career has taken to her to China, Korea, Canada and many European countries, where she has been privileged to work alongside many pioneers in their field. Nicky is one of the few people in the world to have achieved the highest level of qualification and the first practitioner in the world to be awarded a fellowship from the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain.

It’s this work Nicky continues at her two clinics in Stafford and Harrogate.


Nicky Snazell Clinic, near Stafford, has an enviable reputation for being an outstanding clinic, attracting patients from all over the UK and abroad as far as Australia.

A growing demand means that we require additional physiotherapy staff. We are seeking physiotherapists with a minimum of 5 years experience in the UK. Opportunities exist for working 2 to 3 days per week, or some evenings. Applicants who would like to be available as bank staff would also be welcomed.

Lastly, we may have opportunities for extra hours including Saturday mornings.

For more information please contact Dean at the clinic on 01889 881488 or email

Finding out what you are suffering with is never easy, but here at Nicky Snazell’s Pain Relief Clinic we have been working hard to help you do just that.


Starting tonight, on the left hand side you will see our familiar treatment man from the home page. We have redesigned the website interface to enable you to access the content in the Practice Portal with greater ease, starting with selecting the location of your body that hurts. From there, you can answer a series of questions that will help our system decide what conditions you may have. Give it a shot on either the left or right of this text (above or below on mobile devices).

If you think you have found the condition, you can read more about it and find potential treatments for it on the following pages. If you want to confirm this, or you are not sure if it is correct, you can always phone us on 01889 881488 or use our online contact form. As always, we love to here your feedback in the comments section or over on our Facebook page and you can always follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on how you can make sure that your greatest wealth is your health.

Evening all, just thought I would introduce you to our new social options that are present on the website as of tonight.

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Website Engineer

We have recently taken delivery of our second Open 700 MBST machine. The Open 700 is the latest generation technology and currently only three machines are available in the UK. (more…)

After several months in the making, our new website is finally ready to be released on the world. By this point you will likely of noticed the difference, but here a just a few of the things we have changed.

Increased Sharing Options

New Sharebar

Just seen an article that you have found useful, well let everyone know with our new sharebar features. Simply click the buttons to send it to the social network of your choice.

New Practice Portal

New Practice Portal

Although this was present on our previous website, we have made some significant changes to the functionality of the Practice Portal.

We found that it was not efficient to use the category system, and so we just removed them, favouring simplicity. Simply click a location and you will be shown a series of questions to try and find your condition.

We have already planned the next stage which will enable you to decide who you are best seeing for your condition, and in the future hope you will be able to book and manage your appointments from directly from this website.

If you are in a rush and already have a diagnosis of your condition, then save time and simply find your condition in the extensive list of conditions that we treat.

Mobile First Design Principles

We have saved the best till last though, not only does our new website load quicker on your desktop, but it also looks fantastic on your mobile devices.

New Mobile Friendly Design

In order to view our mobile site, just load our homepage on your mobile device, and the best layout will be automatically shown to you based on the size of your device.

We understand that your in a hurry, thats why our mobile site contains less of the fancy stuff, and more of the information that you are looking for. Naturally though we didn’t want to ruin the website, so we wrote it specifically to look good without taking forever to load.


MBST was developed in Germany in the 1990’s as a derivative of MRI technology.

For a cell to function and survive it needs a constant supply of adequate energy. MBST saturates targeted cells with energy, which stimulates the growth of new cells. Thus in areas where body tissue, such as cartilage or bone, has been worn away or reduced for other reasons, MBST can stimulate new growth of tissue and rebuild cartilage and bone. (more…)